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I have been so excited to discuss EDITING with my followers. This is my favorite part of the process for each session. Every person is different, every session requires different patience, editing, detail and time. I am a natural shooter and I RARELY use flash for my sessions. The only time i will ever throw my flash on is when I am photographing an evening event and daylight/natural light isn't an option. I think natural is so important when trying to express beauty and self love with my clients. To each its own, all photographers have their own technique and style. This one just sets the mood for me and my personality.

Even though I love shooting outdoor, you can still use standard lighting / day light for indoor sessions also. Valentine's Day came quick this year and I hosted $45 - 15 minute sessions for my new and current clients. I work side by side with Space One2One studio for their amazing efforts and love for sharing their studio.

Ava and Mya joined me for their Be My Valentine session and the transformation of the session was magical! Take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER.

From dark and calm to bright and beautiful! With a couple natural touch ups to brightness, sharpening and the magical touch to seal the deal. Ava and Mya's mommy loved the outcome!

Here's another look at editing in the zone. HUGE change on color and appearance.

This image really shows off how you can heighten the NATURAL lighting from a outdoor session. This was taken with a Nikon in manual capture. The background being bright blue really makes the beautiful burgundy pop for this photo!

Take a look at my facebook and Instagram for more amazing transformations!


Interested in learning how to edit? Have a desire to do a session shadow and watch me in action ? Come with me ! Contact me directly and i will schedule a shadow/training for the area of photography you desire.

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."
-Albert Einstein

Stay Positive. Spread LOVE

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