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My reason for my passion

Everyone has a passion right? Do you ever hear anyone tell you WHY they do it? or WHAT makes them thrive off what they love?


We live in a society of people who feed off the negativity of everyday life. It’s nothing to boast about but it’s the reality of the life and the world we live in. Social media, “cliques” of friends or groups , television. Its all based off of what’s popular, what’s skinny, what’s attractive and the “IN” of our time. No one really takes the time to appreciate the value of life or the natural state of someone’s reflection.

That’s where I come in 💪🏽🍾

My passion is fueled off the Growth, Love and Compassion I give to those who choose to trust my vision. In return, I give myself the same. When someone looks through my social media or my website and desires the service and love I offer, it inspires me to give them the same energy I got during that consultation or booking. EVERYONE deserves to feel Confident, Beautiful and Resilient.

When I introduce myself and become the lead of these sessions, it’s my job and my passion to make the person I see through my lens, see the same beauty I see. Rather it be man or woman. For ONE second out of the entire day I wish I could freeze time and boost that self love bar to its highest tower. I can’t cure all and everything I want, however I give my all to make everything I do a memorable moment.


Books are often read and judged by their cover. Naturally as people we do the same thing to each other. If we lost all of our senses and could only take a glimpse at those in front of us, I guarantee we would appreciate that moment in a whole and not take time for granted.

Self love is so important to me, being kind to others can only be taken when it’s given. I had a session today with a couple who I found to be one of the most beautiful couples I’ve crossed. Not because of their stylish clothes or their upkeep, but by the pureness of their love. When my client was prepping for our session and the nerves kicked in, her husband did whatever he could to make her smile. Funny faces, jokes he knows she would love or just simply looking at her. He was on his game and ready to ease any discomfort. I was right there to make sure I piggy backed on it with compliments and friendly gestures. The simplicity makes life that much more rewarding . It just takes a couple seconds to give back.

hug a friend. call your family , tell them you love them. spread kindness

BE YOU without worrying about the ones around you.

Beauty of LOVE always wins

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. IT DOES” - William James
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